5 Benefits of Cul-De-Sacs

Colorado Springs is known for its safe and friendly neighborhoods and deeply-threaded sense of community. In Cordera’s Master Planned Community, we take these fantastic benefits of living in Colorado Springs a step further by offering most of our new homes and building sites on cul-de-sac streets.

cordera-panarama-resized-600There are various street designs used in housing developments. The traditional grid pattern and the cul-de-sac or loop designs are the most prevalent. They each have their advantages but the cul-de-sac design seems to have taken the market by storm. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Eliminates Through Traffic: The traffic in a traditional grid pattern routes the vehicles through any neighborhood they wish to drive through. The cul-de-sac pattern eliminates this as there is no reason to pull into a cul-de-sac unless the destination is a house on that loop. In this way, there are no cars “just passing through” in this cul-de-sac design.
  2. Enhances safety for children at play: Due to this reduction in drive through traffic combined with the slower traffic flow because the cars are turning into the loop and easing their way to their destinations, it is generally safer for children in these loops to play and hang out.
  3. Promotes friendships and neighborly interaction: This hanging out potential also applies to the whole families: parents, kids and other relatives and friends. As the cul-de-sac emphasizes the closeness of the houses within and the visibility of homes and families. In this way, the families are naturally encouraged to connect as well. Smiling and waving, checking in, connecting and even joining in games, parties and other social events naturally rise up in this design.
  4. Lowers burglary and vandalism rates: Due to the limited traffic flow and the connectedness of the families, it is reported that burglary rates and vandalism are lower in the cul-de-sac design. Families are better able to support each other by noticing when something is amiss and criminals feel this heightened visibility, so they tend not to canvas such neighborhoods.
  5. Increases house values: All of these positive elements emphasized in the cul-de-sac design also results in the homes having higher curb appeal and increased market value.

In Cordera’s Master Planned Community, the majority of our streets are cul-de-sac designed, allowing our residents to enjoy the safety, comfort and commonwealth that cul-de-sacs support! Contact Cordera today to learn more about our cul-de-sac design and the other wonderful benefits of choosing a new home in one of Colorado Springs friendliest communities!