Architectural Styles in Cordera

In Cordera, a single family new home community in Colorado Springs, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter design where every home looks the same. So, we have incorporated six different architectural styles in Cordera with hundreds of options available. Our inspiration was pulled from classic architecture found in historic downtown Colorado Springs.



  • Eclectic mix of several popular American styles, such as Victorian and Farmhouse— commonly seen during the settlement period in the Western States
  • Covered, prominent front porches that wrap around the sides of the homes
  • Modest ornamentation
  • Straight-edged trim
  • Siding and brick/stone materials



  • Combines French and English influences, popularized in the 1920s and 1930s
  • Asymmetrical style
  • Steep roof pitches
  • Cozy, intimate, arched entryways
  • “Gingerbread” detailing such as shutters, flower boxes and wrought iron railings



  • Combines rugged Tuscan influences with elaborate Italianate forms
  • Uses elements that define Tuscan architecture including stone, terracotta tiles on the rooftop and timber beams
  • Incorporates Italianate elements such as low pitched roofs, recessed front doors, balconies with wrought-iron railings and tall 1st floor windows
  • Prominent 1st level archways



  • Modeled after the California bungalow style, very popular in America from the 1910 to 1925
  • Moderately sloped roofs with edges extending beyond the building
  • Prominent front porches with columns that are squared on the bottom and tapered at the top.



  • Originated in the Chicago area and was developed by the Prairie School of Architects led by Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Details emphasizing horizontal lines
  • Shallow roofs with deep overhangs
  • Massive square porch supports



  • Most common in New Mexico and Arizona
  • Influenced by a variety of traditional forms including territorial, mission, and Monterrey and Pueblo styles
  • Low-pitched or flat tiled roofs with red, barrel-shaped roof tiles
  • Rounded windows and doors

The Color Palettes of Homes in Cordera

The architectural color palettes in Cordera, Colorado Springs’ newest single family community, have been carefully selected to complement their designs.  Within each color palette there are a multitude of combinations to choose from, allowing you to express your individual character.

  • American Heritage
    The American Heritage color palette uses dramatic color contrast to highlight the simplistic nature of architectural details such as corner boards and porch columns.
  • European Cottage
    The European Cottage palette also utilizes a darker and less contrasting palette to help create a quaint feeling.
  • Italian Eclectic
    The Italian Eclectic palette uses stucco and stone combined with tile roofing to complement the various designs used in this style.
  • Craftsman
    The Craftsman palette utilizes a much darker and less contrasting palette to help create the quaint feeling that these styles emulate.
  • Prairie
    In the Prairie palette we welcome deep, rich stucco and paint colors that emphasize earth tones and the horizontal lines that are traditional to this style.
  • Spanish Eclectic
    The Spanish Eclectic style utilizes lighter stuccos and colors that embody the look of the Southwest.