Bring Your Home to Life With Collections

tips for displaying collections in homeThe word “collections” might bring to mind your great-aunt’s collection of thimbles or your kid’s closetful of stuffed animals. Those are indeed collections, and probably not what you envision as how you want to decorate your home. If you dig deeper, you probably have your own collections, and they can be a great way to bring your personality and passions into your home decor.


When you collect something, the immediate urge is to keep the entire collection together, whether you have a glass collection, or a collection of antique Carnival glass. Sometimes, having all of your pieces together can actually lessen their beauty by overwhelming the surrounding space. Think about using a half dozen pieces in a room and break them up. Instead of having a grouping of your collection, put a couple on a shelf with other pieces. Then use another glass container to hold fresh cut flowers. Arrange a couple of your favorite pieces on a sofa table with other beloved books or decor items. Keep the rest of your collection in a safe storage place, and rotate pieces out every few months to keep your decor fresh.

Have fun.

Think outside the box. Collections tell who we are. They are not meant to be kept behind glass in curio cabinets. Decorate with your collections in creative ways, whether you use them in your living room, kitchen, or kid’s rooms. A collection of sock monkeys can be a great starting point in a nursery, evoking warmth in every nook and cranny. Embrace your kid’s Lego collection by putting some of the masterpieces in shadowboxes or on shelves. Use your milk glass pieces in a bathroom to hold toiletries, instead of keeping them hidden in a kitchen cabinet.

A key to having fun with your collections is remembering that items do not have to stay in their proper places. Globes can decorate a baby’s room, kitchen pottery can brighten a bathroom, and bedroom quilts can warm up a family room. Your pieces are versatile, and thinking outside the box with your collections will make them stand out and shine.

Incorporate into the everyday.

Unless you have a collection that belongs in a museum because of its immense rarity, use your items. Often, if you spend a lot of time or energy collecting something, the urge is to put it away and keep it safe. Those collections will bring you much more joy if you can put your hands on them and enjoy them every day. If you have been collecting Fiestaware, use it. Plant succulents in your teapots, use bowls to hold mail, and coffee cups to hold silverware or measuring spoons. Put your globes and maps in a family room, and open up discussions about how our world has changed over the years. Pinterest and many decorating blogs hold creative ideas on how to incorporate your beloved collections into your world.

Pulling your collections into your home decor will elevate your home into a beautiful representation of you and your family. Infusing bits and pieces of the things that you cherish into each room, taking your collections into your everyday home, is a wonderful way to make your house truly feel like home.