Frequently Asked Questions

What is a master-planned community?

A master-planned community differs from a standard housing development in that it is built around a plan that creates a place for residents to live, work, play, learn, and connect all without having to leave the community. A master-planned community has design guidelines, defining an architectural design theme that gives the community unique style. It also has an Architectural Review Board that reviews and approves all new construction as well as any additions or changes to existing structures. In addition, it has protective covenants that provide community standards enforced by a Homeowners Association.

Benefits: Employment opportunities with major Colorado Springs employers at the Briargate Business Campus and Briargate Crossing Access to over a dozen neighborhood parks and an inter-linking trail system as well as open space and various recreational facilities.

  • Quality Academy School District 20 schools and access to facilities of higher education
  • Numerous churches of various denominations
  • Access to a variety of shopping venues ranging from retail mall shopping to big box and grocery store shopping
  • Excellent location allowing easy access to major highways and employers outside of the community
  • Easy access to a wide choice of restaurants and entertainment venues
  • Quality builders, selected on the basis of their outstanding reputation
  • Architectural design guidelines that prohibit cookie cutter similarities among homes
  • Protective covenants that remain in force by the management company even after the sale of a property
  • An Architectural Review Board that approves all new construction and changes to existing structures within the community
What city is Cordera located in?

Cordera is within the city limits of Colorado Springs. For more information regarding services offered through the City, please refer to their website at

Who is developing the Cordera Community?

La Plata Communities, Inc. is the developer behind Cordera. La Plata is the master developer for the Briargate Master Plan including Briargate, Pine Creek and Cordera residential communities, and the commercial properties of Briargate Business Campus and Briargate Crossing. With extensive experience in planning, designing and developing master-planned communities, La Plata is dedicated to providing residents places to work, play, learn and connect – all within a short walk or drive from where they live. For more information on La Plata Communities, visit

What schools will my children attend?

With the continuing growth within the City of Colorado Springs and El Paso County, it is recommended that you contact the Academy School District 20 office as to exact school location, transportation to and from schools as well as other services the District may offer, such as before and after school care. Academy School District 20 Schools are renowned for their excellence in education. Students consistently score well above the national average on SAT and ACT scores, and each year an exceptionally high number of graduates continue on to higher education. All four of the district’s traditional high schools are ranked among Newsweek’s 2008 Top High Schools in the U.S. Chinook Trail Elementary School is located in the Cordera community, providing superior education that is very close to home. For more information about Academy School District 20, visit


Where can I get more information?

For more information on the community and new home sales information, please call (719) 867-2279 or visit the maps and directions page to contact one of the model homes directly.

What is the Cordera Community Association?

As a new resident of Cordera, you become a member of a homeowners association, the Cordera Community Association (CCA). Per the Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Cordera (CC&R’s), the Association provides for a flexible system of standards and procedures for the development, expansion, administration, maintenance and preservation of this planned community. Within its structure, the Association is responsible for the ownership, maintenance and operation of the common areas. This includes, but is not limited to, the financial management of the community including obtaining insurance coverage on the common areas, the maintenance of the common areas, the maintenance and management of the community center, the monitoring of the property for covenant compliance, the long-range planning for the future replacement of capital assets and the management services for the daily operations of the community including the collection of assessments.

Are fees charged to the homeowner for services provided by the Cordera Community Association?

Yes. Each and every owner within Cordera pays a base assessment rate. This fee covers all costs incurred for all owners in the community such as maintenance, utilities, and snow removal for the common areas, fees for the operation and maintenance of the community center, insurance on the common areas, trash removal and recycling costs (excluding the start-up fee) for all residents, as well as costs incurred for the management of the community. In addition, depending on where you live, you may also pay an additional fee for services provided to a particular area, known as a “service area.”

How much are the Community Association fees?

For 2017, the assessment for the community is $110.00 per month, which includes maintenance and utility costs for the common property such as parks & trails, snow removal within the common area, weekly homeowner trash and recycling service, insurance on the common area, professional HOA management, and membership at the Cordera Community Center. No Special Assessments are anticipated to be assessed or payable in 2017.

Is trash service included in the monthly assessments?

Yes, your weekly trash service is covered under the base assessments. Once your closing date has been established through the title company, the management company will contact the trash service provider to ensure that service is started to your home. Currently, the trash service day is every Friday. A 96-gallon toter will be delivered to your home on the service day closest to your actual closing date. For example, if you close on a Monday your toter will be delivered the previous Friday. If you close on a Wednesday, your toter will be delivered the following Friday. Recycling is a free service offered to residents of Cordera on an every other week basis. Residents may obtain a small recycling toter at no cost from the trash service provider; if a larger toter is desired, one can be obtained from the provider for a one-time fee.

Does my landscaping have to be approved prior to installation?

Yes. One of the functions of the Declarant (the developer) is the establishment of a Design Review Board (DRB). The DRB is responsible for the review of all initial submittals of your landscaping plans up until final approval of the initial landscaping.

If I want to add trees, a deck, a hot tub, etc....does my improvement have to be approved by the Cordera Community Association?

Yes. After the final approval for your initial landscaping has been completed, the Modifications Committee (MC) is responsible for the review of all submittals for modifications to existing homes and lots. All exterior improvements or modifications to your lot or your home require review and approval by either the DRB or the MC in accordance with the Cordera Home Improvement Guidelines. Reasonable fees may be established for the review of these submittals. This includes additions such as trampolines and basketball hoops. More information is available in the Cordera Declaration of Covenants.

Can the Community Center be rented for private events?

All family members living in a single-family residence located within Cordera are Members of the Facility and comprise a Member Household. Members can reserve the multipurpose rooms for personal events or meetings. Individuals living outside of Cordera are not eligible for membership and cannot reserve the Community Center for private events. The Cordera Community Center was created to be an integral part of the community where residents can live, play, learn and connect with their family, friends and neighbors.

Can I park on the street? What about RV's?

Resident automobiles and non-commercial trucks and vans shall be parked only in the garages or in the driveways, if any, serving the Units unless otherwise approved by the Board. The Declarant and/or the Association may designate certain on-street parking areas for visitors or guests subject to reasonable community regulations. For short visits (e.g., parties, weekend stays, etc.), guests of residents are allowed to park in the streets without a parking pass. For longer stays, please contact the Association manager at 719.578.5610 to obtain a parking pass.

Recreational Vehicles shall be parked only in the garages, if any, servicing the Units or, with the prior written approval of the Board, on other hard-surfaced areas which are not visible from the street or any other Unit. Guests of an Owner of occupant may park a recreational vehicle on the driveway serving such Owner’s or occupant’s Unit for a period not to exceed seven days each calendar year.

Will I receive any information on the Cordera Community Association after I close on my home?

Yes. As soon as information is received from the title company, the management company will process a welcome packet for you which will include the following: payment coupons; a form for the establishment of electronic funds transfer for payment of your assessment, should you be interested; design review information; if applicable, information on your specific service area; a copy of the Bylaws, budget and established rules and regulations; and any current communications that have been provided to owners.

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