Fun and Creative Kid Spaces

tips for decorating kids roomNothing is more fun in home decor than decorating your kid’s bedrooms. Letting their personality shine through, along with providing a place for them to thrive in, is an important part of decorating their space. We have several ideas to help you make your children’s bedrooms fit their personalities.

Think BIG

The days of pastel pink for girls and baby blue for boys are long gone. Girls might want a room filled with planets and Star Wars characters, and boys might want a room filled with musical instruments or rock climbing. More and more stores are recognizing that kids want a space that isn’t defined as “boy” or “girl”, but instead by nature or space or their other loves. The sky’s the limit, and your children can have a room as big as their imagination.

Know their passions

If your kiddo is obsessed with bending it like Beckham, a room centered around soccer might be a great idea. A child who spends all of their time reading up on sharks might like a room straight out of the Denver Aquarium. Your budding equestrian might love a room based on their favorite horses. Whatever your child’s passion is, you can encourage them to follow it with their surroundings.

Create stations in their rooms

Several different activities take place in your children’s room, so you want to make sure that you provide an appropriate place for all of their activities. Bedtime often involves reading before they drift off, so creating a cozy spot with a reading lamp and a place to put their book is a good idea. An art nook for younger kids might morph into a good spot to do homework, with schools supplies, good light, and a desk. A play area, whether that means legos or dress-up or anything in between, should be an important part of their special place.

Put “fun” in functional

Kids tend to have lots of stuff, whether it is a massive car collection, dozens of stuffed animals, or any assortment of toys. Corralling their belongings can be a challenge, but you can make organizing a little more fun. Look online for ideas to organize their toys, whether you use shelving or baskets or a different system. Creating a system that your kids can use will encourage them to use it and to be independent. Keep your organizing simple and easy-to-use, and it will eventually become a good habit for your kids.

Create a space that can grow

As tempting as it is to create a magical nursery for your baby, or a bright circus tent of a room for your toddler, think about how your choices will grow with your child. Cotton candy pink might be charming for a newborn, but might not fit your kindergartner. Choose colors that can be versatile, and quality furniture that can stand up to the childhood years. Bookshelves that hold building blocks and puzzles might morph into bookshelves that hold textbooks and science projects. Metal lockers that are fun for small kids to stash their toys in will age well for teens to store their sports equipment in. Each choice you make in your kid’s room should include not only the present, but also, the future years.

Bedrooms should reflect the personality of the kids who live in them. As the place where they wake up, play, study, and read bedtime stories, children’s rooms are an extension of themselves. Have fun decorating their special area and letting their uniqueness shine!

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