Fun Neighborhood Party Ideas

ideas for neighborhood party The weather is warming up, and everyone is ready to venture out and enjoy the season. As daylight lasts longer, take advantage of this time and have some fun with your neighbors. We have several ideas that will help make neighborhood get-togethers a blast!

Wine Tastings

If this sounds like something that your friends and neighbors would like, a wine tasting can be a great get-together idea. Plan ahead with several neighbors on a weekend night, and set up lawn chairs and tables. One neighbor might do a cabernet station, and the next neighbor might have a rose station.

Have a half dozen different sipping or tasting stations, along with some snacks that complement the different wines. Ideas for pairing are easy to find on the internet: cabernets pair well with chocolates, red zinfandels with brie, malbecs with gouda, sauvignon blancs with citrus, and chardonnays with almonds or anything vanilla-based.

And if wine doesn’t sound good to everyone, do something similar with craft or home-brewed beers. The key is just to have something that gets neighbors out and mingling!

Ice Cream, You Scream

When the days get downright hot, planning an ice cream social is easy and fun. Pull a couple of neighbors together, and gather all of the fixings for ice cream sundaes. Have some people bring toppings, some people bring ice cream, and others bring cones or cookies for sandwiches. Set up a table, have plenty of napkins, and watch kids and adults enjoy cooling off. If you want to go an extra step, ask people to make their own ice cream for the get-together. There is nothing better on a warm summer day than homemade ice cream!

Movie Night

Another exciting idea for bringing neighbors together is having an outdoor movie night. Large inflatable movie screens are fairly inexpensive to purchase or to rent, and can create a memorable night for all ages. A screen, a laptop, a projector, and some small speakers will have you movie ready in no time.

Set up on someone’s lawn, show a family friendly movie (think Star Wars or Goonies or Minions, as something every age can enjoy), and have popcorn and sodas available for everyone. This might be so popular that it becomes a regular summer time event in your neighborhood. Fun for the whole family!

Yard Games

Yard games are huge right now, and can bring everyone out on a warm weekend afternoon or evening. Whether you order a premade game online, or create something yourself, outdoor games invite quality time. Check out a game of horseshoes, or a rousing game of cornhole. Look for life-size Jenga games, or even a badminton set. Bocce is another game for all ages, along with croquet. Throw some snacks in, and kids and adults alike might want to stay outside til long after night falls.

Summertime is a wonderful time to get to know your neighbors. Use these ideas to get the fun going, or as a starting point for other ideas. Whatever you do, enjoy getting to know the people around you, and make your neighborhood feel like home!