Get Creative With Shelving

Creative shelving units in homeWhen you think of shelves, chances are good that you think of rows and rows of dusty books that have neither been touched nor read in years. Shelves get a bad reputation as repositories for clutter, but shelves can actually be useful and dramatic focal points in many areas of your home.

Kitchen and Dining

Shelving in your kitchen or dining area, when used strategically, can be a beautiful addition to your space. Think about using floating shelves to hold a mixture of dramatic serving pieces, or possibly as part of a wine or liquor bar. A floating shelf can hold wine glasses and a carafe, or a mix of interesting bottles of liquors and mixers.

Open shelving in the kitchen, in place of some traditional upper cabinets, can also showcase your dishes in an artistic way. If you have bright pottery pieces or a variety of antique Carnival glass pieces, hiding them behind cabinet doors would be a mistake. Display them with a couple of open shelves, and instantly bring personality into your kitchen!


Almost all of us have some sort of collection. Whether you collect Hummel figures or hummingbirds, use shelves to make your collections part of your decor. Think of the shelves as your own little vignette or museum showing, and arrange your pieces so that people can see the beauty of whatever you collect.

Don’t feel that you have to put every single piece that you collect out on display. Instead, consider rotating through your pieces every few months. This gives you a chance to keep your collection fresh and interesting without overwhelming your guests. Intersperse whatever you collect with other objects, whether you have plants or candles, or other household items mixed in with your prized collection.


It is inevitable that shelving will attract your book collection. Shelves are the most logical place for books to be deposited in a home, but we can think of interesting and new ways to display books on your shelves.

First, be discerning about your books. Think about keeping the books that you love, will read again, or enjoy loaning out to loved ones. Let go of the mass-market paperback purchased in the airport, or the textbooks from decades ago that haven’t been opened since your last semester in college.


Make shelving fit your individual organizing needs, while also making it part of your decor. Think outside of the box, and have fun with shelving and organizing. Mount wine crates to a wall in the laundry room for cleaning supplies. Hang old drawers that have been lined with fun wallpaper in a guest bath to hold toiletries and hand towels. Look online for endless ideas, from shelves resembling a bee’s honeycomb to floating steel shelves, like those from DWR, that disappear behind whatever they hold. Companies like West Elm and Crate and Barrel are also wonderful resources for shelving ideas that can make organization a beautiful part of your home.

Kids Rooms

Again, have fun getting creative in your children’s rooms when it comes to shelving. Gather inspiration from their hobbies and pastimes. Your budding snowboarder, might get amped by shelves fashioned from refurbished snowboards, while your skater might appreciate some retro skateboard shelves. A little girl who loves dolls might appreciate a shelving unit that resembles a dollhouse, and your nature lover might appreciate using shelves shaped that branch out like a tree.

The sky’s the limit with a kid’s room; make shelves easily accessible and fitting what they need, and your kiddo is bound to use them!

Shelves don’t have to be those particle board pieces that we all had in college, sagging under the weight of decade old chemistry textbooks. Think about shelves as part of your home decor, and incorporating them in will be effortless.

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