Hot Holiday Decorating Trends for 2015

holiday trends for 2015The holiday season is here, along with several fun 2015 decorating trends to brighten your home. Whether you choose an understated theme with its roots in nature, or an over the top candy-coated theme, we have several of the hot trends for you to decorate your home for the season.

Jewel tones

Jewel tones continue to be amazingly popular in holiday decorating. Think of the colors of a peacock feather, and decorate around that pallette. Rich amethysts, pure sapphires, and emerald tones can color your tree. This look is all about opulence. Velvets and silks are good materials to use for tree skirts and ribbons. You could even incorporate actual peacock feathers into a mantel display or on your tree. Metallics also play into the jewel tone trend, with golds and silvers accentuating the jewel tones.

Straight from nature

Nature continues to be a popular theme, for good reason. Pulling inspiration directly from nature creates a timeless and classic Christmas decor. Using natural materials is easy. Fresh pine garlands, strings of cranberries, clove-studded oranges, and beeswax candles all evoke warmth. Twinkling white lights seem to bring the wintry night indoors. Use rustic materials to tie everything together, like twine and burlap ribbon. Bird and owl accents also compliment the natural feel, whether you use them as ornaments on your tree or placed throughout the home.

Unexpected materials

Brave souls are getting really creative with their Christmas decor, and it can be great fun if you want to take the leap. Perusing the internet and Pinterest will give you holiday decorating ideas around whatever your passion is. Oenophiles can go all out and create a tree from wine bottles (empty or full). If that seems to be a bit much, ornaments can be made from special corks, and wine bottles can be filled with christmas lights. Bibliophiles can fashion a tree from carefully stacked books, with a few strategic lights placed carefully about. Again, if that seems a bit extreme, there are fun ways to make ornaments out of old unwanted books. Paper chains made from old book pages, or decoupaged Christmas ball ornaments can reflect your love of the written word. Whatever your hobby or passion is, there are probably ways to reflect that in your holiday decor.


Imagine how the Colorado mountains look after a freshly fallen snow. This frosted and magical look is a popular and understated one for holiday decorating. Colors are mostly muted, with white being the primary focus. Frosted glass ornaments, glass icicles, and soft shades of white, with twinkling white lights bring a frosted winter wonderland into your home. If you choose to decorate with this idea, you could also bring in a bit of nature, with foxes and bears and other forest creatures.


Peppermints are a symbol of the Christmas season, whether you think of soft peppermints stuck in stockings or the classic peppermint candy cane. They are the inspiration behind this trend. decorating almost solely in reds and whites, everything around this trend should look like peppermints. Swirls of reds and whites on the tree, red and white striped linens, and bowls of peppermints everywhere should define this style. Think whimsy and fun, with a bit of glittery flash running throughout the decor.


A retro holiday is always fun for everyone. Fill a Red Rider wagon with presents. Buy an aluminum tree as a nod to the sixties. Glittery ornaments, bubbling lights, impish elves, and a heavy dose of Rudolph all beckon us to remember simpler times. Retro decor tends to revolve around bright reds and greens, which are easy to apply to almost any home. Retro decorations are coming back into style, so many major stores are starting to carry replicas. Etsy is also a great place to find decor and ornaments that recalls your childhood or that of your parents

Finding a holiday trend that appeals to you can make decorating for the holidays enjoyable. Have fun with whatever trend you pick, or with a theme that you come up on your own!