John Venezia Park Update

Plans underway for a new unique Venezia Park in Colorado SpringsIn just a few short months, the long-awaited John Venezia Park will open in northern Colorado Springs, bringing a visionary park to life. Years of planning have gone into the creation of John Venezia Park, and it promises to be a park for all ages and abilities to enjoy.

The new park, located near the Cordera Community fills a gap in the northern area of Colorado Springs. Spanning over thirty acres of valuable space, John Venezia Park has been carefully planned to serve as the heart of the community. Inspiration for the space comes from Colorado’s frontier roots, both the pioneer and ranching that Colorado residents continue to pay homage to.

A short bike ride or stroll from Cordera will get you into the heart of John Venezia Park. Surrounded by eighty acres of protected open space, the park will include several playgrounds, fields, treed areas, pavilions, and a sprayground for hot July days. Each area, carefully thought out, will fit the needs of today’s active community while evoking Colorado’s heritage and history.

The Pastures

Think of The Pastures as free-range play for your kiddos. Long gravel pathways and acres of soft bluegrass beckon children to be creative, whether they are playing freeze tag or simply running around. Numerous shade shelters will be interspersed throughout the pastures, giving welcome respite from the bright Colorado sun. This area should also serve as a natural gathering point, whether for a group of parents from nearby neighborhoods or more formal playgroups.

The Range

Rather than having to caravan all over El Paso County for youth sports practices, The Range will provide top-notch athletic fields for both practices and games. Numerous soccer and lacrosse fields will be convenient for many families on the north side, and there will also be facilities for inline hockey, pickleball, basketball, and tennis.

These areas will be open for both pickup games and for organized sports leagues, and should save local families serious time traipsing across the city for their sports practices. This should also be great fun for the community, as you can often cheer on different sports, whether you are a soccer fan or learning what pickleball actually is.

The Orchard

Look for lots of shade, and maybe a few crunchy apples in The Orchard as it matures. Park planners hope to create a sort of paradise here, overflowing with fruit trees that will blossom in the coming years. This part of the park might take a few years to mature and fill in, but it will be worth every bit of the wait, when children and adults alike can stroll through the groves and pluck a ripe apple straight from their local tree.

Watering Hole

Any modern park worth its weight needs a sprayground. John Venezia Park promises to have an amazing sprayground, with lots of different features and plenty of space. Children can splash and play in the water, burning off tons of energy as their parents stay cool in numerous nearby shaded areas. The Watering Hole will be a splashground with different features that will be wet fun for all ages!


John Venezia Park is proud to be the future home of one of Colorado Springs’ two Universally Accessible Playgrounds. This means that great care has been taken to go beyond being ADA compliant. Universally Accessible Playgrounds seek to be safe, easy, and fun for everyone to use, and accommodating of a wide range of abilities. These parks enable everyone to play and swing and enjoy all of the fun that a playground should be. The Round Pen, a small turf area, will be located near the Corral, and will add to the opportunity for fun.


At the heart of John Venezia Park lies the Homestead. Here, plentiful parking, ample shaded areas, and pavilions will lend themselves to being the center of the park. Whether you have a playgroup meeting here, a birthday party being celebrated or a Family Reunion picnic, the Homestead area can be your meeting place in the park.

Located in the middle of a vibrant and growing corridor of Colorado Springs, John Venezia Park will serve the community in many valuable ways.

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