A Landscaping Program As Unique As the Cordera Community

We want every aspect of Cordera to reflect the quality and character of this unique community. No other single family new home community in Colorado Springs offers this kind of planning and assistance to homeowners, with a landscape program tailored to your needs and budget. When using an approved landscape designer/installer, Cordera will give each homeowner:

  • A free professionally prepared landscape design (a $500 value)
  • Two substantially large free trees (a $400-$800 value per tree)
  • Access to the best landscapers in Colorado Springs, who have been specially approved for Cordera

The landscape guidelines for the common areas and homes are carefully designed to utilize water conservation techniques to respect the demands of our dry climate. For additional information on water conservation and xeriscape principles, visit the Colorado Springs Utilities website.

Five landscape styles in the Cordera community have also been carefully designed to pair with the architectural styles in Cordera and to provide another avenue to express personal taste. We’ve created five Landscape Demonstration Gardens, which are showcased adjacent to the Grand Lawn at the Cordera Community Center, to display our different landscape styles.

High Plains


A variety of ornamental grasses create an equally usable, low profile, ornamental landscape. Through the use of layering along with subtle elevation changes, it offers year-round beauty and functionality. The High Plains Style best complements the Prairie or American Heritage Architectural Style.

Artistic Revival


Numerous perennial gardens are set in a xeriscaped environment of curvilinear beds. This allows a more informal approach to planting beds, walks, courtyards, and gardens. European Cottage, American Heritage and Craftsman Styles blend beautifully with the Artistic Revival Landscape Style.



Taking the best from the surrounding landscape is a good way to describe the Foothills Style. This style brings the natural Colorado landscape to your own backyard. The Foothills Style complements all of the architectural styles available at Cordera.

High Desert


This hearty and drought-resistant style is both beautiful and sensible in our climate, bringing together several varieties of shrubs and grasses. All of the architectural styles work harmoniously with the High Desert Style.

Traditional Revival


This decidedly more formal style relies on a wider variety of trees and shrubs to create a lush, well-organized landscape. The Traditional Revival Style best suits the Italian Eclectic or Spanish Eclectic Styles.

Please note: Landscape styles in Cordera have been preselected to best compliment the various architectural styles and are traditionally paired together. However, Cordera homebuyers do have the freedom to match any one of the landscape styles with the architectural styles based on personal preference.

Landscape Demonstration Gardens

Download these demonstration gardens by clicking the links below:

Artistic RevivalArtistic Revivial (968 KB)

Foothills Foothills (1110 KB)

High Desert High Desert (1207 KB)

High Plains High Plains (1187 KB)

Traditional Revival Traditional Revival (1129 KB)