Are New Homes More Energy Efficient?

New homes are definitely more energy efficient than their older counterparts. Modern building codes require a certain level of efficiency that’s well above even the most efficient construction in older homes that haven’t been updated.


Why are new houses more energy efficient?

Electricity and natural gas used to be much cheaper than they are today and it was more affordable to build a home without much insulation. Windows used to be single-pane and have aluminum frames that conducted heat and cold into the house. Since utilities weren’t as expensive 15 years ago, homebuyers didn’t insist on energy efficiency and building authorities didn’t require it.

Size matters

New homes tend to be larger than those built 15 or more years ago. That means they will require more energy to heat, cool and light. Unwilling to pay a lot more for utilities, new home buyers have demanded major energy-efficiency upgrades to their modern homes.

The Energy Information Administration recently published a study showing that modern homes are 30 percent larger than those built before 2000, but they use just about 2 percent more energy.

What makes new homes more efficient?

Some of the best practices for new-home builders today include high insulation values, multi-pane vinyl windows, and energy-efficient furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners and kitchen appliances.

How efficient is efficient enough?

While the average new home is energy efficient enough to cost homeowners with 30 percent larger houses just 2 percent more on their utility bills, what should you do if you don’t want your utility bill to go up at all?

Fortunately, there are a lot of great Colorado Springs homebuilders who are dedicated to building energy-efficient homes. Most of the builders working in the Cordera neighborhood add extra efficiencies to their homes and many build High rated energy performance homes, which boast even higher levels of energy efficiency than the standard new-home construction in Colorado Springs.

Beyond cost savings

Energy efficiency isn’t just about saving money on your utility bill. It’s also about home comfort. When your house is built better, you won’t run into cold pockets or heat zones. Your upstairs isn’t likely to be 10 or more degrees warmer than your main level. Those are some of the biggest advantages, especially here in Colorado, to more energy-efficient new-home construction.

If you’d like to learn more about how new-home construction is energy efficient and about the energy upgrades some of the best home builders in Colorado Springs include in their houses, visit Cordera and look at the model homes. The builders and their teams will be happy to discuss energy efficiency with you.

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