Prepping Your Garden and Yard

time to prepare garden It is finally that time of year again, after what often feels like an eternal winter. Snow and ice have all melted away, green grass is starting to peek out, and trees might be blooming overnight. As the world seems to come alive again, right now is the perfect time to prep your yard and garden area for the coming months. Taking care of several items will ensure that the next few months will be filled with beautiful blooms.

Repair your hardscaping

Before you have thick greenery and lush plantings, make sure that your hardscaping is in good condition. Replace broken pavers and any crumbling concrete wall blocks. Check that wood pieces, from trellises to landscaping timbers, are solid and not rotting. Consider the shape of your fencing and deck, and whether powerwashing will suffice, or if you need to stain the wood. Taking care of your hardscaping is the easiest when you are not trying to work around mature landscaping, and will save you headaches later in the year.

Be proactive about pests

Pests may not be at the forefront of your mind at this time of year, but proactively working to prevent pests is always easier than scrambling to get rid of them. The sorts of pests you have in the Colorado area may change from year to year, so know what to look for on your plants. Grasshoppers can wreak havoc in Colorado, eating everything in sight, down to the paint on your home’s exterior. Most insecticides are more effective against grasshoppers in their larval stage, so research what you are using and when to use it. Flea beetles can devour a vegetable garden in hours, but you can easily get rid of them with diatomaceous earth, which is nontoxic to animals. Voles and gophers are becoming an issue, and the best way to get rid of them is by hiring professionals. A professional animal control worker will be able to safely trap and get rid of burrowing rodents before they wreak havoc on your trees and yard.

Spring cleaning

Clean your flower and garden beds and your lawn early and often! Dead leaves can encourage the growth of damaging fungus and harbor pests, so removing debris will encourage healthy growth. Depending on what you have growing in your borders and beds, consider what you need to cut back or move around. If you are unsure of how to cut back or move bushes or deciduous plants, look to your local gardening center for advice.

Plan your plantings

Decide what you want to plant in your yard and garden. Even if it is slightly too early to plant certain flowers or bushes, now is a great time to plan. Look at local gardening centers and home improvement stores. Ask neighbors and friends what they have planted in the past, and what grows well in the area. Think about how much time you want to spend taking care of your garden and yard. Some plants need daily care, while others will thrive with benign neglect.

Check your equipment

Now is the perfect time to make sure you have the right equipment. If you have a lawn mower, have it maintenanced. Sharp blades and a clean engine will make a world of difference when you mow. Edgers may need new wire, and you might find that you need new tools. Splurge on new gardening gloves, or a new wheelbarrow. The proper equipment will make taking care of your yard much easier in the coming months.

Planning your yard and garden right now makes perfect sense. That, along with some basic maintenance and upkeep, will lay the foundation for a beautiful lush yard in the summer months!