Academy School District 20


Chinook Trail Elementary School

Chinook Trail Elementary School in Cordera is located within Academy School District 20, voted Best Local School District by Colorado Springs Business Journal’s 2009 Best of The Springs Business awards. District 20 schools are renowned for their excellence in education, and students consistently score well above the national average on SAT and ACT scores. Each year an exceptionally high number of graduates continue on to higher education. The committee combined Chinook with the word “Trail”, which also represents the walking trails of the Cordera neighborhood, as well as the symbol of trails/journeys of life.

What makes this school truly unique however, is that the school teaches Mandarin Chinese beginning in kindergarten; only two other elementary schools in Colorado offer Chinese. It is the first program of its kind in the Pikes Peak region. For more information about this exciting new school, please contact Academy School District 20 at (719) 234-5700 or visit the Chinook Trail Elementary page on the Academy School District 20 website. For general ASD20 information, you can call the district’s main number at (719) 234-1200.

Walk to Chinook Trail Elementary School

It's Easy and Safe to Walk to Chinook!

It’s Easy and Safe to Walk to Chinook!

We all know that exercise is good for you. That’s why Cordera has miles of interconnecting trails to encourage Cordera homeowners to walk or bike from their homes, to the parks, to the Chinook Trail Elementary School, to the Community Center and back again! Plus, the community is connected by a pedestrian underpass, so homeowners don’t have to worry about crossing busy streets.

Why Walk?

It’s the easiest and simplest exercise known. A short 1 mile round trip keeps over 3lbs. of pollutants out of the air we breathe. Fifteen minutes of brisk walking will burn at least 100 calories. Improve your health by walking to work or parking your car further away. Increasing the amount of walking you do to at least one day a week can increase your energy level. Plus, it’s fun to be outside enjoying Colorado’s magnificent weather!

Air Quality

More than 25% of auto trips are less than one mile in length. In a seven-mile trip, 90% of auto emissions are spewed out in the first mile, before the engine has a chance to warm up. Walking is a practical alternative to short auto trips.

About Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs

From its rich history and unwavering tradition of excellence, Academy District 20 in Colorado Springs anticipates an exciting future. Voters in the district have historically offered resounding support of needed bond issues and recently passed a referendum to build new facilities. As the north end of Colorado Springs continues to grow, so will District 20; yet it will remain steadfast in its overall goal of offering the finest possible education to the citizens of tomorrow.

Within the Briargate Master Plan, Academy District 20 consists of four high schools, four middle schools, eight elementary schools, and charter schools utilizing a K-5, 6-8, 9-12 grade level configuration. The following information presents an overview of curriculum and programs offered in Academy District 20.

Choice Schools

Academy District 20 offers choice schools that are open to students throughout the district. Choice schools offer programs and opportunities that are different from neighborhood schools. Differences may include the school schedule or its curriculum focus. All choice schools offer comprehensive and full curriculum programs. Informational brochures and an eight-minute video about choice schools are available at the district office in Central Registry.


District 20 is recognized throughout the Pikes Peak Region for providing students with a strong basis in core academic subjects. (Colorado Department of Education Student Assessment). From science to Shakespeare, District 20 students receive a firm foundation in the essential academic areas. Standardized test scores in the district remain consistently high, and each year District 20 boasts a great many recipients of awards and scholarships among its graduates.

Music and physical education teachers are present in every District 20 elementary school. At the high school level, complete programs are offered in all areas of the performing arts. Students can participate in a wide variety of intramural and interscholastic athletic activities.

Every school houses an up-to-date library/media and computer center. The district is continually redefining its technology programs to give students the latest in technological education.