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In keeping with a tradition of quality, only the best locations are selected as Vantage communities. That’s why Colorado Springs New Home Builder Vantage Homes is proud to be a member of the Cordera community.

Vantage Homes goes above and beyond conventional building practices for durability, safety and comfort, technology for the future and an environmentally friendly home that will cost less to operate than most homes of its size.

As a Colorado Springs home builder, Vantage Homes sincerely cares about its hometown. Vantage Homes intends to be here, making your life and our community better for years to come. This focus on the community and its customers motivates Vantage Homes to ensure that every home they build is not only energy efficient, but also a reflection of how their buyers live.

So what does this mean for you?

  • It means that your home is more energy efficient, has better indoor air quality, is safer, more durable, and in everyday operations is easier and less costly to maintain.

Vantage Homes, a Colorado Springs home builder, creating enduring value –Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Photos of New Homes in Cordera