Welcoming Guests Into Your Home for the Holidays

prepare for holiday house guestsThe holidays bring many things; visits with Santa, tree decorating, and buying presents for loved ones. Classroom parties, too much candy, and Christmas carols may also be a regular part of the season. Houseguests are also a tradition for many of us over the holidays, and we always want to make them feel welcome. A few small actions can help you make your house guests feel welcomed and appreciated.


From the second your guests arrive at your front door with suitcases in hand, make them feel welcome. Even if you don’t go all out with decorating your yard with lights, make the entry way feel festive and welcome. Hang fresh garlands and ribbon around your doorway. Make sure that leaves and snow are swept away. Whether you have a simple wreath on your front door, or you go all out with topiaries and lights, decorating your entryway will truly make your guests feel welcomed from their first moments at your home.

Guest bedroom

Your guests will probably have their own guest bedroom while they are visiting your home. Make sure that it makes them feel wanted and nurtured. Fresh flannel sheets and cozy down comforters will help them stay warm if they are not used to December in Colorado. Have a bedside table with a lamp for reading before bedtime. If you want to go a bit further, and make them feel like they are truly on vacation, have water bottles, small snacks, and a variety of fun magazines or books by the bed. A place to put their suitcase, along with a couple of empty drawers and space to hang clothes in the closet is also very thoughtful.

Guest bath

Guests usually bring their own toiletries, but often forget something important. Having extras on hand will make their visit more pleasant, and let them know that you are glad they are in your home. Extra shampoos, conditioners, and soaps are always handy to keep around. Colorado has exceptionally low humidity, so having lotions, new chapsticks, and moisturizers on hand will be much appreciated by guests visiting from different states. Fresh towels and washcloths are also important, with fluffy towels feeling like a nice hotel or resort.


Knowing some things about what your house guest likes to eat will definitely make their stay enjoyable. It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this seems especially true during the holiday season. If your guest is gluten free, having some gluten free options will be very thoughtful. Vegetarians might appreciate little things like almond milk or vegetarian sausages for breakfast. Even just having the sort of creamer or hot tea that your guest enjoys will make your home feel extra special while they are staying. If they will be there for an actual holiday dinner, be sure that one or two of your dishes is something special for them. You could even get them involved in the preparation of a family dinner by encouraging them to make one of their special dishes.

Guests are a special part of the holiday season, and finding ways to make them feel welcome in your home will make their stay enjoyable for all. Whether they are curled up in the guest bedroom enjoying one of your favorite reads or helping you with an old family pie recipe, your guests will enjoy spending time in your home. Happy Holidays!

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